Heat pumps in Air Handling Units of pools


There are two sources for the heatpump

  1. the evaporator/cooler in the drying section
  2. the evaporator/cooler in the stale air after the heatregain section


number 1 is hard at work in summer and number 2 is hard at work in winter.


Heat delivery partly to the supply air and for the main part to the pool water.

The combination makes an ideal couple for a constant load of the  heatpump


In the spreadsheat I´ve compared the dehumidification of pool air by fresh air (with and without drying it) and by drying the recirculated air.  Conclusion is that using fresh air and good heatexchangers in combination with the heatpump gives a energetic good system without overheating due to a to great surplus of heat.

Take good notice of the large differences in the required air flows for dehumidification!

Comparison of Hemmes with Menerga Dantherm Gea in the positions 100% fresh or 100% recirculating.



Great advantage of the Hemmes system is that it is creating a cooling load in summer  for dehumidification purpose, where we thought swimming pools had only a heat demand  (thought from dutch point of view)


Number 1 en 2 can also be connected to a ground source with heatloading in summer and discharging in winter with a heat pump or not.