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Origin and aim

Ing. Barend Hemmes is a mechanical engineer and working as a consultant in  the field of building utilities.   His special interest in energy saving solutions was triggered when the counterflow heatexchanger with thermal efficiencies over 90% came on the Dutch market and was promoted for residential ventilation. He tried to push some manufacturers to make larger air handling units with the same heatexchangers. His brainstorm led to an invention which was issued for a patent. After PCT approoval this patent is now filed in some countries. Hemmes Energietechniek doesn´t manafucture AHU´s but is interested in licensing.

What has Hemmes to announce

Promote and explain the patented Hemmes system for ventilation and airconditioning.

Stimulate energysaving in the field of airconditioning.

Bring knowhow to a broader audience.

And give calculation-tools to satisfy the technicians

And further

Any comments, remarks, questions and offers are welcome

As a member of NOVU  (dutch inventors society) questions of other inventors will be regarded confidential (do  refer to NOVU) 

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