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Because Hemmes Energietechniek doesn´t manufacture AHU´s we can bring you the links of companies manufacturing something special in the air handling business.



The Dutch firm Rosenberg is able to make the Hemmes system for you in their new range of airhandling units.


For the USA check the link to Nautica



Indirect Evaporative Cooling


The dutch firm oxycom in Raalte makes aircoolers without compressors but with indirect evaporative cooling using the oxycell heatexchanger



and a section for your AHU can be made by



Dehumifiers with the extra heatexchanger


Nautica in Huntington New York has a patented MSP dehumidifier and can complete it with a Klingenburg enthalpywheel or plate type heatexchanger to a  …….Hemmes system  


www.menerga.de   poolsystems and drysolair as “standalone” dehumidifier

www.thermastor.com  standalone Santa Fé


EBAC  with the Orion  

www.heatpipe.com   dehumidifiers with heatpipes

www.spcoils.co.uk    manufacturer of some of  the heatpipe.com systems plus selection and calculationprograms





Desiccant systems



desiccant system  POPcool of the luxemburg engineeringfirm Paul Wurth, with two heatexchangers and a heater it is family of the Hemmes system with its two heatexchangers and a cooler.


The article in that Herbert Haser wrote about the POPcool system and describing the same advantages as the Hemmes system but also describing the disadvantages of the desiccant systems.


The patent of the Popcool system and the site are moved to Munters www.popcool.info  




Klingenburg in Germany is manufacturer of wheels and plate type heatexchangers and has good explanation and selectionsoftware


www.heatex.com   Swedish quality

www.recair.nl  dutch firm making a plastic counterflow heatexchanger with thermal efficiency above 90%  ( HR Control)